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    The Hire Virtual Employee Disclaimer Policy and Non-Disclosure Document is a document that aims to address any issues between us and our customers. It is a policy similar to that of every business in the world. Hire Virtual Employee, a provider of remote employee services is not responsible for the accuracy, performance, and reliability of the information that is available on our website ( We declare herein that we are not liable for events such as data loss, hacking, reduced profits of other businesses, or any unwanted event caused due to clicking the different links present on our website. At Hire Virtual Employee, we are committed to including the highest quality of content for our users. However, we are not responsible for the credibility of the content provided by third-party service providers on our website. The responsibility for any damage or information loss caused by the use of our website or downloading any data found on it lies solely with our users and customers.


    Hire Virtual Employee should not, under any circumstance, be claimed for any data loss caused due to events such as Internet failure, software failure, natural disasters, and other forms of incidental damage. If a user visits our website and downloads data or opts for our services, we are not responsible for making sure that the information or services are reliable. Users who intend to copy content on our website are responsible for evaluating if the content is current. We cannot be blamed for eventualities such as incorrect information, service delays, service failures, and other risks associated with availing services available on our website. Hire Virtual Employee has all requisite rights for changing the content of our website at any time, without providing any prior notification or information to users.


    We hold the right to revise or modify the Disclaimer Policy on our website at any time based on changing requirements and/or circumstances. Users should read all the terms and conditions mentioned on our website to clear any doubts they may have regarding availing services through it. We possess all the rights to make modifications to all website sections without sending any prior notification to users. It is the responsibility of online users to use the available information in a proper way and making sure that the information is up to date. Users are advised to only use up to date information on our website.