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    Why Hire Virtual Employee?

    Hire Virtual Employee started with the goal of revamping conventional hiring methods for businesses across a plethora of industry domains. We go beyond local hiring by accessing talent reserves across the country to address the specific requirements of our clients. Rely on our experts to dynamically improve the quality and speed of your recruitment operations. We are currently relied upon by many emerging as well as established businesses as a leading staff outsourcing services provider. The key motivations for you to hire from us are:

    1. 24/7 Support : Our dedicated 24×7 business consultants are always available to provide support through emails, live chat, and calls. We can address all your queries without any delay to ensure a hassle-free hiring experience.
    2. Selection Criteria : All our candidates undergo strict screening and vetting by our technical recruiters before they even reach you.
    3. Vast Talent Pool : We do not only limit our candidate search criteria to a local market, but broaden the search to across the entire nation to tap into the biggest talent pool in the entire world.
    4. Flexible Business Model : We have a flexible hiring and engagement model. You can choose to hire a candidate for full time, part time or whatever monthly hours you want that suits your requirement.
    5. Flexible Workspaces : We offer you the flexibility to choose between work from home or work from office for your employees. With work from home option, you get to enjoy a lower cost. We do not, however, compromise on data security and employee supervision in doing so. Infact, it gives us all the more reason to tighten the security and ensure complete data protection at all times. With the latter, you ofcourse get to see you employees work from our well supervised offices.
    6. Cost Savings : Saving costs is the top priority for most emerging businesses today. We acknowledge this fact and provide virtual employees at the most competitive rates. Standing apart from competitors, we assist businesses that need cost-effective recruitment without compromising on quality. Ensuring affordability is one of the key priorities for us even if it means sacrificing our profit margins. We are dedicated to achieving your sustainable hiring goals.
    7. Overhead : We substantially cut your overhead cost (and thus the hassle) by taking care of HR, payroll, administration, logistics, IT support, taxation, legal and other regulatory obligation. Treat us like an extension of your office, like your captive unit, only operating from a foreign market.